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About me

  • About me

    I play Skate 2 and Halo 3. I HATE MW2 with a BURNING passion. Im not bad but the game is just whoever can be the cheapest player wins and its not fair or skillful. I also occasionally play Left 4 Dead and other horror games. Im a huge fan of horror movies and my favorite horror/comedy is Zombieland. :)
  • Music

    Bless the Fall, Flyleaf, Whitechapel, JFAC, Bring me the Horizon, Bullet for my Valentine, The Black Dahlia Murder, and anything really heavy.


  • Lifestyle

    Rule 1. Cardio Rule 2. Double tap Rules 3. Beware of bathrooms Rules 4. Wear seatbelt Rules 6. Cast iron skillet" Rule 7. Travel light" Rule 8. Get a kickass partner Rule 12. Bounty paper towels Rule 15. Bowling Ball Rule 17. Don't be a hero Rul


    skateboarding >>>>>>>> Any other sport
  • Arts

    Really abstract stuff


    Dont try 1v1 me ;)

Desert Biome

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